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cjEntera (Final)
Filename: cjentera.zip

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cjEntera (Final) - File Description  

This is my Enterprise NX-01 Era pack. - CJEntEra

There is the NX Class from the series along with the men to pilot it. Also
I did the Terran Empire mirror side for them as well as their NX ships, as
well as the weapons for them. The troops are individual, but the ships
require both the texture and weapon file (included), The pack also contains
the original Defiant captured by the Terrans, from the Tholians, who stole
it from our universe, from the episode (In A Mirror Darkly). The NX ships
are not armored like the others to reflect their early design, and there
is also a read me and Stat sheet included.


cjEntera (Final) - Screenshots  
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cjEntera (Final) - File Download Options  

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usa - USA Central USA Central

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cjEntera (Final) - Readme  
Readme File:
Enterprise Series era based pack with extras - CJEntEra

The pack contains primarily the personnel and NX ships for the 2150's
Enterpise era for Earth and the pre Federation Races, along with the
same for the Terran Empire. The Earth forces are based as resistence
due to the fact that it is pre-Federation and along with my ohter pre-
Federation adds have been resistence I decided to do the same with
these, meanwhile the Terrans are East side based. There is also the
Defiant stolen from the Federation by the Tholians and then capture
by Mirror Archer for the Terran Empire (this ship is included as west
east sides, as well I've included the TOS men for the Federation ship,
and some other Federation ships TOS era, mostly heroes. Men are offered
in both Resistence and Flashpoint varients for those who use whichever



Almost all are new Ships including with several hero and regular ships
Designs are improved and bridges look more modern with better detail
Men look accurate and the Vulcan's ear has been fixed (TOS pack)
The TOS and Terran Empire men are offered in V.120 or regular
reguler is for resistence and v1.20 is for both
Features large bording radius to simulate transporters
Most ship units can heal
Hand Weapons are animated and have functioning lights and beam emitters
Ships have various weapon arcs
Ships are animated--
Engine Glow, Exterior Lights, Interior Displays
All shutoff and turn on appropriately
Weapons Fire and Damage displays on all bridges
All ships have a bridge (various designs, some are similar)
Stat sheet included listing weapons and specifics

cj_ftex - (uprated) main texture file
cj_fbtex- (uprated) main weapon and new texture file

F5ENT - NX ships, Defaint and Constellation file
-requires cj_ftex, cj_fbtex
(both sides) (for default pilot requires T4fed, T7fed)

F3CNT - Rerelease of my file using the much better and far more
accurate bridges (same units) -requires cj_ftex
(west side) (for default pilot requires T4fed)

T4fed - Federation TOS personnel and troops (requires none)
required for pilot by default

T7fed - Enterpise era and Terran Empire ENT are personnel and troops
(requires T4fed)
required for pilot by default

Accurate Weapons and strength
Various Weapons and types per ship type and role
Accurate ship strength and scan range, Hero's are stronger and faster
Massive Improved Flight, Can now pull out of DIVES as well as the
reduced collisions, the Avionics are armored better and can sweep
Also added target optic view for driver to see what gunner sees
These are FINAL versions


Ships function well on ofp and resistence 1.20 thru 1.96, tested on 1.20, 1.91, and 1.96
This is a new pack
All ships have a bridge, transport 24-36 personnel, and have transport like boarding
or large boarding radius, also all can heal, have running lights, tracers (like beam),
and lighted hulls depending on design
Phasers and Torps have various sound effects
AI handles them very well too
Ai men are also really good in combat, they use the weapons very well

Not actual scale, due to flight problems when enlarged
Recommended Maximum flyinheight 110 to 125 depending on map for waypoint
Type I Phaser and Ray Gun simulation is not perfect due to palm weapon

Made by CJ, please feel free to edit or do whatever you want with them, have fun!
These addons go well with the other space addons already out there.

Again To BIS and Codemasters for designing a great game
To The Whole Ofp Community for keeping the game alive and creating great addons
and mods
To Acacyn and Phil Commando for their star wars addons and other works
To those who distrube material and maintain the ofp sites
And To Burner for his spacemod as well
And To BIS and Codemasters for the textures and game as well

I Will do more work on my other addons for ofp, and try to complete them
by late fall, and still intend to do them for AA and OFP2, again
time pending.

BIS, Nor Codemasters, Nor myself are responsible for any problems with these addons
or If your PC goes beserk.

Star Trek is a registered Trademark of Paramount.

Also try the Tholian pack , unique units resistence side and smooth in game even with
the level of model detail and glow effect.
Thanks again,

cjEntera (Final) - User Comments  

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