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  Armed Assault 1.05 Change Log - Community
  Posted by: scotchsoldier on 02-28-2007 @ 03:38 - Source: BIS Wiki
This News Item has been viewed 8,059 times
Well, with the relase for the 1.05 patch for ArmA coming on March the 2nd BIS have released the change log for v1.05. There are a massive amount of changes, good job BIS!

1.05 Change Log

Engine Change Log
5122 - Changed: Video options Quality preference now affects terrain detail as well.
5122 - Fixed: Setting overall settings to Very low was not properly indicated in video options.
5122 - Fixed: AI Machine gunners are now more aggressive against near infantry unit.
5122 - Fixed: Motorbikes right/left turning is now enabled even when looking around
5122 - Fixed: AI could sometimes aim into the air when targeting an unknown land unit.
5122 - Fixed: Explosion sometimes revealed the exact unit position to the AI units.
5122 - Fixed: Texture extension can be supplied with the procedural color texture now (texture type is calculated according to it)
5122 - Fixed: AI was planning the path over the destroyed bridge
5122 - Fixed: Boat can now be controlled by mouse
5123 - Fixed: Bad voice buffer unqueuing, could cause memory leak when using voice over net.
5123 - Fixed: Silent sound cut off too early when load sound was near
5123 - Fixed: AI was not able to uses satchels on Destroy waypoints.
5123 - Fixed: Binocular style laser designators were using wrong models and animations.
5123 - Improved: Increased internal cache size for computers with more than 512 MB of RAM.
5123 - Fixed: AI usage of laser designators much improved.
5124 - Fixed: MP session list - Server state not shown for incompatible sessions
5124 - Fixed: MP session list - country is shown for all sessions now
5124 - New: New trigger types "Seized by ..."
5124 - Fixed: MP session browser - sometimes session info was hiding and showing repeatedly
5124 - New: Access to option categories directly from the main menu
5124 - Fixed: When the script change the player using "selectPlayer" function from the dead one, game info about the mission state is changed as well.
5124 - New: different progress indicator during game startup
5124 - New: playerKilledScript entry in the description.ext of the mission can override this entry in the config
5126 - Fixed: Crash when command "hintC" was used
5126 - Fixed: status of disableAI is now saved and loaded.
5126 - Fixed: DS crash occurred when mission with some special name (containing '%') was selected
5126 - Fixed: MP - manual fire rate was too high sometimes
5126 - Fixed: Aircraft were sometimes disappearing when flying above small objects.
5126 - Added: MP - new server scripting function lock
5126 - Added: MP - new commands #lock, #unlock
5126 - New: Possibility to show satellite textures in the in-game map and briefing
5126 - New: Multiple layers of cut effects, extended version of commands cutText, cutRsc and cutObj
5126 - Added: functions titleFadeOut, cutFadeOut
5126 - Fixed: View limits in vehicle applied on TrackIR and NumPad looking around
5126 - Fixed: MP - Cancel button in the briefing will return player to lobby, not to server browser
5126 - New: Map legend parameters are now read from the resource
5126 - Fixed: When using shadow detail high with some nVidia cards (Nv3x chip-set) loading screen could happen sometimes mid-game.
The problem was caused by bad usage of D3DSAMP_SRGBTEXTURE, which was wrongly handled by the driver.

5126 - New: commands hint, hintCadet now works also with the structured text
5126 - Fixed: MP game using ships was crashing
5126 - Fixed: Function "hintC" (versions with the title) - when dialog is closed, text is shown in HUD
5126 - Fixed: Integer light constants as I_POINTLOOPCOUNT were not recorded and there was a problem when using compass during the day
5126 - Fixed: MP Voice over Net on LAN sessions was not working sometimes
5126 - Fixed: Hellfires (maverickweapon) on a helicopter were visible even when the helicopter was destroyed
5127 - Fixed: Mouse cursor color was not handled correctly
5127 - Added: function difficultyEnabled
5127 - Added: functions ctrlMapScreenToWorld, ctrlMapWorldToScreen
5127 - Fixed: Threat calculation was inaccurate for weapons with multiple modes
5127 - Fixed: Fully closed vehicle interiors were rendered with strange gray shadows with shadow detail Normal or lower.
5127 - Fixed: Switching into the mission editor by clicking on the Task bar caused selecting mode to be active.
5127 - Changed: Message about addons not listed in the mission is no longer displayed when playing single player missions.
5127 - Added: New animation controller cabin for airplanes.
5128 - Change: airplane fuel consumption dependent on thrust.
5128 - Added: function addVehicle
5128 - Fixed: Crash during saving game in Library mission
5128 - Fixed: Zoom instead of optics in transport
5128 - Fixed: Improved airplane landing autopilot.
5128 - Fixed: STOVL ability added (use autohover action to toggle VTOL mode).
5128 - Fixed: AI now considers grass layer in the visibility calculations.
5128 - Fixed: Terrain detail low/very low no longer degrades quality unless viewdistance requires it.
5128 - New: enableGPS vehicle config entry can enable GPS for given vehicle
5128 - Fixed: When OpenAL is unable to create sound buffer for VoN, the game continues without VoN.
5128 - Fixed: Group leader now can command subordinates to get in secondary turrets
5128 - Fixed: command "crew" now lists all gunners in the vehicle
5128 - Fixed: Units created dead were partially alive.
5128 - Fixed: "fire" command works for all turrets now
5128 - Fixed: AI cars not willing to drive under power lines.
5128 - New: Any combinations of two keys can be used for user action mapping
5128 - Fixed: Dedicated server radio processing was broken, resulting in AI often not doing what expected.
5128 - Fixed: watch and compass no longer shown once mission is restarted.
5128 - Fixed: Moving of cars in convoy - better following of road
5128 - Fixed: Controls mapped on 3D object did not work correctly in different screen ratios than 4:3
5128 - Fixed: AI sometimes did not takeoff when placed on the runway.
5128 - New: Gear shifting limits can now be defined in the config for each vehicle.
5128 - Fixed: UI - button text position calculation improved
5128 - Fixed: UI - structured text drawing - spaces between elements
5129 - Fixed: MP - Radio messages echo on remote clients was missing
5129 - Fixed: MP - get out waypoint did not work as in single player (player not forced out, player commanded to get in)
5129 - Fixed: UI - disabled default button responded to Enter
5129 - Fixed: The game crashed when gear screen was opened and the player was vanished (using scripting functions)
5129 - Fixed: Airplane landing light may be now off when gear is up.
5129 - Fixed: Aircraft may miss lighting from its own lights when airborne.
5129 - Fixed: Colored positional lights were rendered white.
5129 - Fixed: Display all (fading) HUD elements when mission is restarted
5129 - New: possibility to skip briefing screen using "briefing = 0" in the mission description.ext
5129 - Improved: Delay when returning from map to game is now much shorter.
5129 - Improved: Improved night vision goggles rendering.
5129 - Added: functions setCurrentWaypoint, waypoints
5129 - Added: function distributionRegion
5129 - Fixed: Reduced water splash volume when boats are not moving.
5129 - Fixed: Reduced distant unit warping / jumping.
5130 - Fixed: Languages switching was disabled for some distributions
5130 - Fixed: mission editor - condition changed when Continue button is shown
5130 - Added: functions assignedVehicle, assignedVehicleRole
5130 - Fixed: function "deleteWaypoint" now works for all waypoints (recent, current)
5130 - Fixed: After save/load weapons might become invisible.
5130 - Fixed: AI - After transport of player's group, AI was staying on the same position
5130 - Fixed: Drawing of subtitles (all structured texts) - the offset of shadow was not always fixed
5131 - Fixed: Prone rolling no longer activates lean toggle
5131 - Fixed: Tracers are visible again early in the night
5132 - Fixed: When fleeing is disabled, units never flee - even when having no weapons
5132 - Fixed: AI did now follow player over the bridge
5132 - Fixed: server config parameter persistent is fully working now
5132 - Fixed: MP - situation when admin logged in during mission voting is handled correctly now
5132 - Fixed: AI flying helicopter was changing dive wildly when flying fast.
5133 - Fixed: Iron sight view no longer strictly tied to a weapon.
5133 - Fixed: MP - admin is deciding when briefing is finished now
5133 - Fixed: UI - Single missions dialog title is changing by the selected folder
5133 - Fixed: when alternate directory for profiles given by command line options -profiles, user profiles are no longer stored to this directory, but to its Users subdirectory
5134 - Fixed: Improved AI spotting ability in towns.
5134 - Fixed: Look around in vehicles (faster and better limits now)
5135 - Fixed: AI deprecated to get in heavy damaged vehicle even when repaired again


New engine sound for AV-8
Disabled lights on parachutes
Mi17 added mirror material
SU34, SU34b - added clansigns and proxy flag
GPS disabled for Camel and Parachute
configured HUD
fixed Harrier landing light
changed head movement limitations
openable canopy for harriers
Betaversion of Harrier STOVL capability introduced, add to README:
Harrier (AV8B) can now perform Short takeoff and vertical landing (STOVL).
It is controled with "Autohover ON/OFF" action.
When activated, there is no such autopilot for slowdown that helicopters use.
Thrust vector is just rotated downwards. Q/Z keys control only airplane speed.
There are no keys for control over vertical thrust,
so it is not possible to hover up/down like in helicopter.
Takeoff procedure:
- activate Autohover
- extend full flaps (2x crtl+K)
- gain some speed by holding Q for a short while and then release it.
- once in the air, retract gear (crtl+G)
- hold Q a little longer until you move fast enough
- retract flaps as you build more speed (2x ctrl+L)
- at aprox 180kmph toggle autohover off and control flight as regular aircraft
Landing procedure:
- reduce speed and altitude same way as during conventional landing
- extend full flaps (2x crtl+K), drop gear (crtl+G)
- hold Z to reduce speed
- at aprox 180 kmph activate Autohover
- pitch nose up to reduce speed, check speed, height and flight path vector indicated on HUD
- hold Z for descent at aprox 2m/s
- at touchdown toggle autohover off
modified pilot anims for crew in cocpits with HUD
fixed hud definition for helicopters
parachute sound occlusion fixed


Fixed inbetween issue that civilians could not go prone forward
Sprinting enabled for several stances
Bug in the transition from handgun to launcher fixed
Deformation when looking around with lowered rifle
Improved middle part of animations in cutscene 7 - fingers and hands


fixed wire fences AI can now shoot through them
panelak*.p3d - fixed collisions


added Library models
Road Cone, Obstacle - Saddle, Ramp - concrete, Humps - dirt, Buoy small, Buoy, Road barrier and Road barrier small are now also available in editor as Objects


Addondependency for ak74pso added
Civilians have the same ammount of slots as regular soldiers
Anchorman2 introduced to be used for regular missions
GPS enabled for Special forces and squad leaders n
np_soldier_officier.p3d "osobnost" redefined


Grass layer information added.


No fade vertex shader definition added to trunk materials, fixed polyplanes in str krovisko vysoke.p3d, added viewgeom and materials on dead trunk models.


config.cpp disabled destruction on PaletaBase models


deleted ViewGeometry in Rock*.p3d models (fireGeo will be used instead)
removed specularity for ground clutter stones (did not work well)


Grass layer information added.


moved two "podesta" objects at Ga66


repacked from VCS data


Limited head movement on M163 and M113 ambulance drivers
Fixed bug with interior shadows in BMP-2
M113, M113_RACS - Fixed gunner animation in cargo LOD


Aspect ratio indicator added to the video options dialog
Option to display satellite texture map
Empty mission translations updated
Notepad model updated


GPS enabled for RHIBs


Hellfire and Vikhr hitvalues slightly raised
MP5 was very uneffective
changed config.cpp
laser designators to use binocular style animations
Javelin scope to protected
AGS30 library description fixed
adjusted weapons dextrity values
changed Soflam laser designator model
aligned chamber points with scope at M4_GL_ACOG and M4_SPR
ACOG gun sights and balistics modified, changed balistics also on M4 Aimpoint
SVD optics modified
changed M119 gunnerview
changed optics zoom settings on all rifles
add to readme:
Optics/Ironsights leveling on distance:
50m > MP5, pistols
100m > AK74UN, M4/M16 with Aimpoint, ACOG sights or suppressor
120m-400m > M4SPR
200m > SVD, KSVK, AK74PSO
300m > AK74, AK74GL, AK74U, M16A2, M16GL, M16A4, M16A4GL, all G36, machineguns
500m > M107


M107 autofire disabled
M16 ACOG optics leveled on 100m
M107 and KSVK config.cpp
modified dextrity of weapons
new KSVK and AK74PSO optics introduced for better aiming
M16A4, M16A4GL aiming fix


Stryker gunner is able to turn its head now
Stryker drivers FOV changed
Added driver optics to all Strykers
added mirror material (Stryker*.p3d, 5t*.p3d, Landrover*.p3d, Urals*.p3d, hilux*.p3d)
Fixed bug with interior shadows in Strykers
GPS enabled for Humer, Stryker and BRDM
getting rid of some hardcoded strings
Added destruction effect
Fixed damper selection for M1030
Improved alpha faces for Both Bikes

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 #1 - 03-01-2007 at 03:48
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wow that are a lot of fixes....

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